Where an individual trader is categorised as multi-asset then, the likelihood is that this is in more of an automated capacity – with innovative auto-ex workflows across FX, bonds and equities increasingly prevalent. Quod Financial, a Trading Platform provider, specialises in multi-asset trading for FX, equities and derivatives. Our Adaptive Execution Platform is the comprehensive tool to address the tectonic shift in the financial side industry.

  • Our track record as one of the world’s top multi-asset investing managers is backed by a 50-year history of leadership and innovation across market cycles.
  • Our Adaptive Execution Platform is the comprehensive tool to address the tectonic shift in the financial side industry.
  • Greenwich ACCESS for asset managers is a powerful one-stop source to support strategic planning, growth aspirations, product development, brand optimization, marketing effectiveness, and client segmentation.
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  • Investment funds seek an effective and scalable solution for global trading to address fee compression, regulatory reporting, and best execution.

Through this membership, senior decision-makers globally speak with us about their client experience and the quality of the products they receive from their banks and non-bank. Leading global and regional corporate investment banks and dealers rely on us for client analytics, benchmarking and improving business performance. Greenwich ACCESS for asset managers is a powerful one-stop source to support strategic planning, growth aspirations, product development, brand optimization, marketing effectiveness, and client segmentation. Our data and insights help you understand customer demand, market trends, competitor performance, and other key indicators to identifying business opportunities and setting the right strategic agenda.

Access our thought leadership from commodities industry leaders, as well as in-depth analysis and reports written by our in-house analyst teams. A look at some of the key “people moves” from this week, including Jos Dijsselhof who has been appointed chairman at BME. “The buy side appears to be strongly in favor of the (M&A) strategy, as it should help them reduce costs,” Hegarty said. One topic of interest was the recent flurry of mergers and acquisitions in the vendor space — State Street acquiring Charles River, SS&C acquiring Eze Software, and Ion acquiring Fidessa.

Extracting data from the numerous systems, aggregating, and reporting that information entails valuable team hours within the operations area as well as compliance. In Broadridge’s recent white paper, The case for a multi-asset post-trade approach, we collaborated with Firebrand Research, a capital markets research specialist, to help demonstrate why the industry needs to be more joined up across asset classes in order to improve performance. Traders can reduce their overall risk by making sure they don’t put all their eggs into one basket. This makes it easier to handle volatility swings while maintaining ongoing, stable returns. Those investing in stocks may diversify across sectors, for example, but for a well diversified portfolio, looking for positions in multi asset classes such as Forex, equities and commodities may be a more cautious approach.

Using FlexTrade’s high-performance, multi-asset trading system technology, FlexSmart provides ultra-low latency and high throughput with a full range of routing functionality, and regulatory compliance and reporting. With the challenges inherent in sustained multi-asset growth, the need to re-evaluate the post-trade approach is clear. Within this new environment of evolving market dynamics, the continuation of the silo model has the potential to cause significant difficulties for firms.

Foreign Exchange Trade Processing

With a uniform front-end interface, our software simplifies the complexity of trading multiple products with numerous counterparties. And our independent, broker-neutral infrastructure enables you to connect to unlimited global trading destinations of your choice through one gateway. Simplify your workflow to trade smarter and faster with REDI EMS – the broker-neutral, multi-asset execution management system that can give you a competitive edge. London Stock Exchange is home to the Main Market for equities and ETPs, AIM for growth company shares, IOB for GDR trading of shares primarily listed in other countries and ORB for retail bonds, plus other specialist markets.

Fund managers make big-picture decisions and balance asset classes to achieve particular investment outcomes, such as growth, income or risk minimization. Trade globally across asset classes and leverage our proprietary and partner technology to reduce costs and streamline your operations. FlexTrade provides a broad range of adaptable and customizable global trading algorithms with multi-currency and multi-asset capabilities. As part of our basket trading capabilities, FlexTrade provides a robust set of index and ETF arbitrage algorithms. FlexOptions is a cutting edge order and execution management system for buy-side institutional options traders. Derivix-AM provides direct access to options exchanges, a wide array of broker and fully customizable algorithms, as well as advanced options trading strategies, such as dispersion, volatility and cross-asset trading.

These capabilities enable our clients to trade a company’s entire capital structure, take advantage of market dislocations, and express views in any instrument. Because data volumes in the capital markets have undergone explosive growth in last few years, data centers today are critical processing points for a hosted, ASP-based trading infrastructure. Process efficiency is of paramount importance with the industry’s focus on reducing operational risk and improving resilience. Exception-based processing is foundational for this effort alongside reducing the number of manual tasks that can be easily automated and centralised across the full spectrum of asset classes. Hedging is an effective risk-management strategy that many traders use to counter short-term risks in their core investments.

In the event one market happens to be trading flat, the chances are that another will be more active. Traders who trade a single asset class can easily miss good opportunities but via a multi-asset broker, they have access to a wide range of products which will enable them to benefit from both rising and falling markets. For example, a trader may choose to hold a long-term stock position and decide to day-trade futures on the side in order to capture short-term market movements.

Multi-asset trading solutions

International Trading Solutions blends our leading wealth management and global markets expertise to deliver differentiated client capabilities. Our multi-asset group provides a broad range of sales, trading, financing and structured solutions to private clients, institutions, corporates and sovereigns in the public and private markets. Our dedicated teams integrate seamlessly across our global offices and are uniquely placed to deliver innovative solutions designed to meet diverse investment and hedging needs. Meraki Global Advisors provides its clients with experienced traders and a technologically advanced buy side trading infrastructure. Our offerings support every unique circumstance, whether it’s outsourcing the entire trading desk function, expanding into new products or regions, or providing turnkey solutions for new and emerging managers. When it comes to market connectivity and routing, it always starts with the quantity and quality of your connections and access to the markets.

See how your business can utilise our dedicated commodities trading software, market-leading team of analysts, and one of the world’s largest repositories of commodities data. As the industry awaits upcoming EC proposals, some firms are voicing concerns that mandating multiple CTPs could create fresh problems around data fragmentation and connectivity costs. Singapore — September 26, 2019 —Charles River Development, Multi Asset Trading Infrastructure a State Street Company and provider of the Charles River Investment Management Solution , has been awarded “Multi-asset Trading System of the Year” for the second consecutive year by FOW and Global Investor Group. This annual awards program recognises and promotes exceptional client service or innovation by organisations and technology vendors across the Asian buy-side capital market industries.

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When moving to a multi-asset trading setup, the question was raised as to whether the transition would influence or hinder the adoption of the regulation. They don’t care if they are accessing the cloud https://globalcloudteam.com/ for a particular application or data set. From a PM and Trader perspective, they want to be able to receive contextual data from anywhere at any time and cloud adoption allows them to do exactly this.

Multi-asset trading solutions

‘A desktop integration platform like Glue42 revolutionizes this by streamlining existing workflows, bringing data sets together and providing users with the right data in the right windows at the right time’, she said. At the end of the day, it’s all about separating data from those applications in which they reside. The Greenwich Exchange is an experience and source for connecting financial professionals to industry insights. Through this membership, senior decision-makers globally speak with us annually on the quality of their products and service from their financial providers. Over 80 of the leading fintech companies and exchanges globally rely on our data and insights to understand how new technologies and market trends are impacting their business.

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Our ecosystem of FX trading market solutions helps your business complete end-to-end workflows for trading forex. Comprehensive tick, intraday and end of day timeseries and reference facts from Refinitiv. Our customers around the world continue to reap the benefits from our tailored and innovative multi-asset products and services that deliver sustainable value – and make a positive impact. Seamless coverage via live desks in New York, London and Hong Kong delivers global reach with a local presence. Our proprietary global OMS and advanced trading tools allow us to monitor orders live in each region as we execute across our worldwide network of brokers and electronic destinations both dark and lit. Individual online traders can now execute sophisticated strategies on both traditional markets crypto markets.

Multi-asset trading solutions

Innovative bridging solution provides access to high-performant financial ecosystem and centralize trading infrastructure. Remember that digital transformation is a journey – Embrace your legacy technology stack and adopt simple workflow solutions. Now you can implement them within days and provide the quickest path to business value and then build from there. The Greenwich Exchange is a source for connecting treasury professionals to peer data and insights.

Globaltrading Podcast: Tech Modernization On The Buy Side

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Proprietary and quantitative trading firms can trade traditional financial products plus crypto assets and their derivatives. The Fortex XForce e-trading platform was first introduced to the traditional e-trading industry and has facilitated millions of financial institutions and their clients on trading equities, futures, FX and CFDs. Our award-winning futures, options, and equities trading system is constantly evolving with new features and connectivity driven by a dynamic network of ideas from innovative traders.

For the buy side, multi-asset trading offers the promise of efficiencies, cost savings, and closer alignment with an increasingly interconnected global marketplace. Citi’s multi-asset investment and trading products are tailored to meet specific investment needs and objectives, from wealth preservation to asset diversification. Taking a closer look at the predominant models for outsourced trading and discussing key considerations for asset managers working to identify the optimal choice. As global opportunities present themselves, Meraki can provide the necessary local expertise. Our clients leverage our longstanding relationships in developed, emerging, and frontier markets.

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Offices, building the exchange’s pan-European membership and electronic trading connectivity. The middle- and back-office infrastructure will manage multi-asset post-trade operations and enable scalability. The deal signals a transformative move for Broadridge into the front-office space to help clients simplify their front-to-back technology stack. Multi-asset funds can be a powerful tool for achieving your investment objectives, but a strategy that works well for one investor may not be the best fit for another. As with any investment decision, it’s important to first understand what you’re trying to achieve and then identify the best strategy to get there. Fixed income has been harder to trade in a low-touch way as the data needed to inform an execution algorithm is not available for many bonds.

The suite of products and services automates core trading, provides insight into executions, and reuses data to create intelligence. “Our strategic agreement with Quod Financial very much complements our existing trading strategy. While our multi-asset trading software delivers most of its trade-ready functionality “out-of-the-box,” it can be customized to meet your specific trade management and execution needs. With your choice of on-site installation or hosting at any of our global data centers, InfoReach makes it easy to upgrade and update your trading technology. Analyse equity trading opportunities, formulate strategy, discover liquidity across markets, and optimise your workflow with Refinitiv’s end-to-end trading solutions.

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For EMEA instruments we have trading teams based in both London and, of course, Henley on Thames. Finstek is not a financial broker and does not offer financial advice, consulting or brokerage services. The information on this website is of general nature and Finstek bears no liability for any loss, damage, or expense due to the use of any trading solution provided by Finstek or any information on this website or other external website referenced here.

WATS® Electronic Trading Services delivers an extensive range of liquidity across multiple asset classes. Accessed through a variety of trading venues, and strengthened by a customer service focus, our platform provides powerful execution tools for our institutional trading customers. The Global Multi-Asset team, part of the Solutions & Multi-Asset capability, is based in New York and uses a top-down global macro approach, investing across a variety of asset classes, including global stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities. The team manages a variety of multi-asset strategies, including Absolute Return, Global Tactical Asset Allocation, Global Multi-Asset Income and Dynamic Value. At Meraki we create custom solutions to fit any asset manager, regardless of strategy or trade frequency. With a full-service outsourced trading desk, a fund manager can reduce fixed costs, improve execution, and leverage technology without upgrading internal systems.

Options Trading Order And Execution Management System

Front office executives at leading global asset managers and hedge funds rely on us to achieve growth and build long-term value. Our market insights, data management solutions, and seamless trade execution give you the edge in trading commodities in competitive markets. We’re a commission-paying client and viewed as buyside to the Street because our counterparties know we trade only on behalf of multiple asset management customers. We set up twenty years ago as a buyside trading desk and have never been anything else. CF Global helps startups and large funds alike scale their trading capabilities in a cost-efficient manner.

Waters examines some of the most important events in financial technology of the past 25 years. The initiative’s aim is to capture more of the exchange’s internal data to commercialize that useful information for the investment community. A look at some of the key “people moves” from this week, including Michelle Shanley , who has been appointed global head of strategic and key accounts at MSCI. If you have any problems with your access or would like to request an individual access account please contact our customer service team. IS Prime HK may provide general commentary which is not intended as investment advice and must not be construed as such. IS Prime HK assumes no liability for errors, inaccuracies or omissions; does not warrant the accuracy and completeness of information, text, graphics, links or other items contained within these materials.

A multi-asset class is a combination of asset classes used as an investment that contains several asset classes, thereby creating a portfolio of assets. Hence, multi-asset class investments increase the diversification of an overall portfolio by distributing investments across several classes. The report concludes that the inherent complexities of adequately servicing multiple, unique asset classes and products make developing a single system across asset classes a logistical hazard. In exchange for their time, treasury professionals have access to peer-based market data, insights and custom analytics to make more informed strategic business decisions about their bank and non-bank relationships.

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